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PC-compatible work-stations with a complete suite of CAD/CAM, engineering design and documentation tools are significant contributors to the productivity and quality standards that are a trademark of CIE CAD-generated block diagrams, mechanical drawings and schematics which are used throughout to facilitate comprehension of design concepts. CAD is used in all design phases for increased efficiency and accuracy, from the original concept to the production manufacturing. The use of automated tools provides for increased productivity and eliminates many possibilities for error.

Software development activities are supported by an extensive set of software development tools for microcomputers and embedded applications using IBM-PC compatible platforms. Application programs are developed using a structured top-down approach. The various software components are then carefully integrated and thoroughly tested; the systems capabilities are fully exercised and demonstrated in simulated and real conditions.

The hardware development laboratory is fully equipped to support analog, RF, discrete digital and microprocessor design. A complete set of CAD/CAM tools is available to support ASIC applications and programmable components.

CIE maintains a complete technical library with an extensive collection of technical literature from most electronic hardware vendors, software references and a substantial assortment of commercial and government specifications.

A mechanical workshop is available to provide assistance in the prototype development process. The purchasing department has established an extensive vendor pool which supports this quick reaction capability at competitive costs. CIE has been recognized for the quality of documentation provided to its customers, with a track record of clear, concise and complete documentation packages.


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