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CIE Engineering, Inc. is a rapidly growing small business dedicated to excellence in the areas of Independent Research and Development, Independent Validation and Verification, Systems Integration and associated professional services. 

CIE Engineering, Inc.
is a small disadvantaged business concern with an undisputed reputation for the timely delivery of high quality products and services, successfully completing on schedule and within budget every contract secured since its creation.  Since its inception in February 1989, CIE has completed a substantial number of commercial developments, building its reputation as a highly efficient Independent Research and Development resource, specializing in short-term rapid-reaction fixed-price contracts. This extensive IR&D expertise has been a key to the success of CIE in the provision of Independent Validation and Verification services. In March 1992 CIE obtained its first subcontract to provide engineering support services to the U.S. federal government. Since then, CIE has emerged as a supplier of Independent Validation and Verification services to numerous industries as well as foreign Government Agencies. As a Systems Integrator, CIE has performed in a number of contracts with national and foreign organizations in the areas of satellite communications and medical applications. As a business alternative to pursuing new markets, CIE also favors the execution of joint ventures, where CIE has teamed with a number of domestic and international partners to develop and market  commercial products. CIE' s primary contribution to these joint ventures has been its IR&D capability, including self-financing the development effort up to the engineering prototype stage.



CIE Engineering, Inc. 6001 Woodlake Lane Alexandria, VA 22315 Phone: (703) 922-7061