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Test and Evaluation

CIE has extensive experience in the area of Test and Evaluation, using partially or fully automated test setups. 

is also experienced in the use of modern Automated Test Equipment (ATE) code development environments, which have revolutionized the ATE process and offer unsurpassed cost-effectiveness. CIE designs and develops test plans and procedures to verify that designated installed hardware and software meet the specified design parameters. 

Acceptance level parameters and criteria are developed for software, hardware, systems, subsystems, and systems integration efforts. Actual performance of installed systems is measured, under live or simulated conditions; probable causes of degraded performance are determined and possible corrective action or performance improvement actions are recommended. 

CIE has performed in every element of the test process:

  • Preparation of Test Plans, Procedures, and Scenarios

  • Test Documentation

  • Failure Mode Testing

  • Development of Simulators

  • Test Bed Implementation and Validation

  • Test Execution

  • Data Reduction and Analysis

  • Preparation of Test Reports



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