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Software Engineering

CIE Engineering, Inc. has extensive experience in designing, developing, testing and integrating software systems to run on real-time processors, mini-computers, work-stations and microcomputers for private industry and government agencies. 

CIE is involved in the three major phases of computer software life-cycle: definition, development and maintenance. During the definition phase, the software project is planned, schedules are established and detailed requirements are analyzed and specified.  In the development phase, software requirements are functionally allocated and decomposed into their primitive components. 

Following this decomposition, operational programs are developed using proven software engineering methodologies and practices. Finally, in the maintenance stage, problems encountered in the field are corrected, the software is adapted for different operational environments and enhancements to functional requirements are implemented.

is also well versed in the area of application program development, including:

  • Real Time Design

  • Reverse Engineering and System Downsizing

  • Integration

  • Documentation and Training

  • Software Quality Assurance

  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design

  • Software Capabilities Assessments and Audits

  • Structured Programming

  • Implementation

  • Software Metrics

  • Distributed Computing Environments

  • Open System Architecture


CIE Engineering, Inc. 6001 Woodlake Lane Alexandria, VA 22315 Phone: (703) 922-7061